Michael Lortz - Hybrid Analyst

My goal is to be on the cutting edge of what's happening.

Currently teaching cyber threat intelligence and strategy. Enjoying the challenge of the who, what, how, and why of cyber threats, from lone hackers to nation-states. Also interested in intelligence and data sharing processes between organizations.

Throughout my career, I have provided analysis and insight for business and government clients at international, state, and local levels. Studied threats, market competition, and business processes.

Extensive Middle East expertise as well as knowledge and background in Irregular Warfare.

Experience in Business Development, Military Intelligence, Information Operations, Program/Process Development, Emergency Management, Market Analysis, and Media Communications. Experience with US Special Operations and conventional US military forces. 

Assisted courses at the Joint Special Operations University. Guest speaker at University of South Florida and Florida State University.

Published in Tampa Bay Times and on National Security websites. Quoted as research expert in local and national media on military, marketing, and cyber security issues. 



I am reachable via 

email: mglortz(at)gmail.com

LinkedIn: Michael G. Lortz

Twitter: @HybridAnalyst

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