Freelance Writing

I have been freelance writing for over 10 years. You can find my not-so-serious writing here.

National Defense

From hurricanes to hacks — developing a unified cyber-disaster response - FloridaPolitics.com, 16 July 2019

Summary of Iranian Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) 34 - Medium.com, 28 May 2019

In Defense of Best Practices - War on the Rocks, 13 February 2019

National Security Goals and the Dancing Boys of Afghanistan, Strategy Bridge.com, 9 October 2015

Career Advice

LinkedIn.com, Six Job Hunt Lessons Learned From The Bachelor, 7 July 2015

LinkedIn.com, The three letter enemy keeping Veterans unemployed, 28 April 2015

LinkedIn.com, Lessons Learned in Business Communications, 19 April 2015


(Contributor) The Bus Leagues Experience: Minor League Baseball Through The Eyes Of Those Who Live It (Paperback only)

(Contributor) The Bus Leagues Experience: Volume 2 (Paperback only)

(Contributor) The Bus Leagues Experience: Volume 3 (Paperback) (Kindle)

The Best of Bus Leagues Baseball: The Collected Writings of Michael Lortz (edited by Brian Moynahan) (Paperback)

TampaBayBaseballMarket.com (Jan 2014 - Present) - A look at the Tampa Bay baseball market examining attendance, economics, demographics, and marketing strategies.

Minor League Baseball.com (April-May 2011) - Feature stories on players in the Florida State League

Fangraphs, Tampa Bay's Second Half Attendance , 30 June 2017

Fangraphs, What the Rays Can (and Can't) Learn From Local Minor League Attendance , 23 June 2017

Fangraphs, Can the Rays Ever Achieve League Average Attendance? , 14 June 2017

Fangraphs, Tampa Bay and the Millennial Challenge , 6 June 2017

Fangraphs, Tampa Bay's Attendance Problem , 2 June 2017

Fangraphs, Why Extending the Blue Jays Spring Training Location Isn’t In Tampa Bay’s Best Interest, 5 October 2016

Ben's Biz, Farewell to a Sea Cow, 7 September 2016

SaintPetersBlog.com, Is Tampa Bay a Major League Region or 4 Minor League Ones?, 17 May 2016

Fangraphs, The Complex Problem of Tampa Bay Baseball Distances and Demographics, 12 February 2016

Fangraphs, The Importance of the 30-minute Population Radius and MLB Attendance, 4 February 2015

Fangraphs, Looking at Attendance when Aces are Dealt, 27 July 2014

Ben's Biz, Winter Meetings Guest Post: The Outsider Becomes a Regular, 23 December 2013

Minor League Ball.com, Discovering the Minors on the Space Coast, 9 December 2013

The Hardball Times, FSU coach Mike Martin's puzzling record, 28 September 2012

DRaysBay.com, The Quest for 2 Million: 12 Ways to Help Market the Rays, 16 March 2012

DRaysBay.com, Does the Florida State League hurt Rays' Attendance?, 9 July 2013

Atlanta Magazine My Most Intriguing Brave - Chipper Jones, 13 November 2008

Atlanta Magazine My Favorite Braves Team - The 1977 Atlanta Braves, 31 October 2007

Sports Gone South Make Us Love: Tampa Bay Devil Rays, 21 June 2007

Sports Gone South Make Us Love: New York Mets, 7 March 2007

General Sports

The Shadow League LeBron James Enters The 36th Chamber To Better His Homeland, 26 July 2016

Posting and Toasting Could Ghostface Douglas be a fit in NY?, 5 June 2009

Deadspin.com NCAA First Round: (5) Florida State vs. (12) Wisconsin,  20 March 2009


Tampa Bay Times:

Tampa's DJ Sandman reflects on two decades of Tampa hip-hop (22 Jan 2014)

Artist of the Day: Nick Dessasore (20 Dec 2013)

Artist of the Day: J. Keyes (12 Aug 2013)

Artist of the Day: JRoc Jones (8 Aug 2013)

Tampa rapper aiming to launch Zulu Nation chapter (18 July 2013)

Review: Clutch unite metal fans old and new at the State Theatre in St. Petersburg (13 May 2013)

Artist of the Day: Nick Major (23 January 2012)
Six months after break-in, Tampa's Morrisound Recording is back on its feet (24 November 2011)

In Tampa Bay clubs, dubstep continues growing in popularity (19 August 2011)


Ridiculously Inconsistent Trickle of Consciousness Guest Blogger: Mike Lortz - An AfroTastic Wedding (26 November 2012)

SplitSider Bombing in Afghanistan (16 October 2012)

Tampa Bay Times: Interview with Tampa Comic and Author Artie Fletcher (16 December 2011)

Ridiculously Inconsistent Trickle of Consciousness Guest Blogger: Mike Lortz - The Inconsistent Value of Fries and a Coke  (28 November 2011)

Struggle Bus.com Praise The Lortz (10 February 2011)

Ridiculously Inconsistent Trickle of Consciousness Guest Blogger: Jordi Scrubbings - Hatred of Labels (19 November 2010)

Professional Wrestling

Fair to Flair.com Why Isis the Amazon Won't Make It In the WWE (23 March 2012)

The Wrestling Blog Guest Blog: The Disconnect of Writing About Wrestling (1 March 2012)

The Wrestling Blog Guest Blog: Why TNA Doesn't Fit in Orlando (12 February 2012)

The Wrestling Blog Guest Blog: An Interview With Sam Ford (30 September 2011)

The Wrestling Blog Guest Blog: Slammed is a Hit (25 August 2011)

The Wrestling Blog CM Punk, Social Media, and WWE's New Nightmare Era (18 August 2011)